Artists at Play: Transcendental Love


My Personal Submission: Metamorphosis

Painting Credit: Hugo Delao

Hugo’s Contact Information:

Recording Credit: Jeff Jeffries at South Street Sounds

Theme: Transcendental Love. I have always believed in the type of love that can transcend time and space. A love that elevates, transforms, grows and feeds a person. This doesn’t necessarily have to be shared with an intimate partner, but all the better if it is. I liked using the relationship of a caterpillar and butterfly to explore this concept because although the cocoon is possible, it is up to the caterpillar to make the climb, to choose transcendence. I liked this notion that one must be open to transcendental love before one can receive it.

Painting: The picture does not do justice to the majestic nature of this painting. When I first saw it my mouth fell open. I was blown away by the detail of the cocoons and the flight pattern of the emerging butterflies. If anyone ever needs a skilled artist, Hugo is the man!


Submissions: All artistic expression, from culinary to dance, is welcomed. Please email submissions, ideas, questions or thoughts to me at I’d love to hear from you! All old works or works-in-progress are accepted.


Wings with Wisdom,

A Warrior Princess


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