Slice of Life

This semester I am taking a class called, “Provocative Performance”. This is not a performance class. Rather it’s a class about performance where we read plays and feminist literature, go to the theater and watch solo performances. Afterwards we discuss and critique the performances through the lens of feminist literature. It’s fascinating to me to engage with these texts that live off the page and on the stage. I love witnessing a show unfold, I love trying to understand why certain creative choices were made.

Deep down I have a burning desire to be a performer. Perhaps, one day I will be one but for now I’m enjoying learning from these brilliant women. Featured above is a five minute video about provocative performer Adrienne Truscott new fringe arts show called, “Asking For It – A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy And Little Else!” I unfortunately did not get a chance to see this performance but a classmate gave an excellent presentation on it. The video is really worth a watch. From what I’ve seen and heard, I applaud Miss Truscott’s audacity, wits, brilliance and vision. She is changing the conversation while helping people laugh and heal. One day I hope to see her show.

Below are two quotes I pulled out from an interview with Adrienne Truscott.

On Rape: “Years and years before, in college, in a literature course about race, class and gender, a male professor tried to get us going by bringing in all these statistics, like, “You think it was bad back then when you’re reading this 19th century women’s literature books, but is it any different now?” One of the statistics was, “two in five women are sexually assaulted.” And there were about 10 people in the room, most of whom were women. With like two guys and him. And as a way to shock us, he was like, “I mean, that means up to four women in this room right now have been raped. How does that make you feel?”
I got so angry, and all of a sudden everyone was looking at us like potential rape victims. Some of us were, statistically or not, and the fact that the focus was on us in that moment got me so annoyed. I was like, “I’ll tell you how I feel. There’s two guys, and you, so which one of you is a rapist? Cause if we’re talking about this room, one of you had to do it, cause you can’t rape yourself. How do you feel?” That was a turning point for me.”

On Nudity: “Sometimes the statement itself is so revealing! I don’t have to do it to get attention, but I’m smart enough to know that it will get me attention. I very clearly exploited my sexuality for marketing purposes. I knew what I was doing with the photograph I put out there. I hoped that I was attracting a group of four guys out for a night, who are like, ‘There’s a lady with her pants off for free at 10 o’clock. What’s to lose?’ Those are the people I want at my show.”

Vocal Vaginas,

A Warrior Princess


One comment on “Slice of Life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey. Thanks for this. Rape and comedy. Things can be comedic and meaningful at the same time.

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