Gospel Truth


Yesterday my coworker called me over to her desk. “I read your birth story post and I have one of mine own to share.” She said.

“Ohhh…” I cooed, always a sucker for a good story. “Please, do tell.”

“Wait a minute.” She said scrolling through her phone. “I have to pull up the picture. Okay, here we go. You know my sister is a kindergarten teacher at a Christian school, right? Well the other day she was teaching her kids the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah and about how long it took the two of them to conceive a child. Afterwards, she asked the kids to draw the reaction of Abraham and Sarah after they found out Sarah was having a baby.” My coworker passed the phone to me. “Look at what the one boy’s interpretation was.”

(Insert: above photo)

“Oh…My…GAWD.” I chuckled. “This boy sure does know about the equipment needed to birth a child.”

Properly hung,
A Warrior Princess


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