My Great Dream

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Here are the first glimpses of my literary baby. She is not ready to meet the world just yet. The novel is only 75% complete with ten or so more chapters to write. And then of course there is the revision process. But it felt amazing holding her in my hands and flipping through all those pages. As a birthday gift to myself I will be distributing the books out this weekend to the first round of readers. Its nerve racking entrusting your heart with so many but it’s also thrilling. It’s the same feeling I get whenever I approach the unknown, but this one is on a grander scale. Even though my goal was to have this book published by my 30th birthday, I find it poetically fitting that “Made with Intention” will be birthed during the spring, the season of new live and new beginnings. And, in case you’re wondering, Stella Ford will be my pseudonym. I want to pay homage to my two grandmothers who walked before me and cleared the way.

Goodbye Twenties,
A Warrior Princess



2 comments on “My Great Dream

  1. Stergios says:

    Stella…..great name!

    Just a bit background in terms of this wonder-filled name!

    In my culture, the masculine of Stella is Stelios. Although, Names such as Stergios, Asterios, stylianos, and Stelios come from the same root…i am stergios here but Stelios back home.


  2. says:

    so proud of you!

    tia sis

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