Double Dog Dare: Compliment Tuesday

Picture Credit: Taken from my phone.

Picture Credit: taken from my phone.

I’m tagging it “Compliment Tuesday”. I double dog dare you to choose a person in your life that matters to you, someone you are invested in, and send them a spontaneous compliment via text message. Creative use of Emojicons are strongly encouraged. I also double dog dare you to not spend too much time deliberating on who you pick or what you say. Rather, dare to engage in FLOW: select a person, draft up a compliment from the heart and click send.  Featured above is an example of a compliment I shared earlier this morning. After all, the time is now.

After sending I challenge you to notice two things:

1) How did your body respond on a physiological level? Did it restrict in any place? Do you feel anxious? Did you break out in a sweat? Get goose bumps? It may sound silly but getting in touch with physiological responders is just as important as knowing emotional triggers.

2) Observe how the other person receives your sincerity and generosity of spirit. Are the able to accept the kind words?  Is there any noticeable shift in their demeanor?  Is there a return of investment? I view compliments as a communicative way to say, “I see you.” To bear witness and express verbally your own observations.

I SEE you,
A Warrior Princess



3 comments on “Double Dog Dare: Compliment Tuesday

  1. jm.piller says:

    You’re very special to me 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  2. Everitt Binns says:


    It was wonderful to hear from you ! Thanks for the advice ..I just sent out a few to some important individuals in my life. Stay warm,

    Ev *Everitt F. Binns Ph.D.*

    * * *610-730-4347*

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