Fishtown Fringe: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

Photo Credit: Siona Stone a.k.a. Siona Sandrine.

Photo Credit: Miss Siona Stone

Show Name: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

Show Times: Sunday Sept. 13th 12pm and 5pm
Monday Sept. 14th 7pm
Friday Sept. 18th 7pm
Saturday Sept. 19th 12pm and 5pm

Show Location: Pig Iron Theater, 1417 N. 2nd Street


If a Microphone Was Held Up to This Piece What Would it Say: “Ca-CA”

Artist Mission Statement: Sharing a state of vulnerable confidence that activates a person’s heart center. Building, forging and creating strong soul connections. To be authentically free by just being me.

Hardest logistical obstacle: Finding a director. This became easier when Jarrod Markman, the Friendly Neighborhood Fringe Arts Coordinator, circulated my script to his networks. He did this on his own accord, I didn’t even have to ask.  As they always say, “Its not what you know but who you know.”  This attracted Amber Emory to the project.

Words that Embody Your Show: Winged Soul. Rebel Heart. Rooted Strength. Mystery Unraveling.

Double Dog Dare: SURPRISE me!! Show Up. Bear Witness. Experience the Unfolding.

What’s Up Next: Book Publication.

Definition of Artistic Success: No lie, I’m still figuring this out but “authentic emotional transactions” are at the root of the answer.

Day Job: I work in Development.

Artistic Diet: To continuously discover and uncover pathways that enrich, nurture and support my higher self, my higher good.

Place of Inspiration: In the folds of my journal with an ink pen flowing.

Last Book Read to Completion: Making Your Life as an Artist by Andrew Simonet.

Currently Reading:The Rhetoric of Modernist Fiction by Mort Levitt
Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
Spirit Talk by Minisa Crumbo


A Warrior Princess

PS. I SEE you…now get your @ss to the show!!


One comment on “Fishtown Fringe: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

  1. So sorry,J.- I got tied up after you called me !!!…then I FORGOT, and NOW it’s time for SNOOOOOOOZ-in’

    I am Beat, so GOOD NITE and email me or call when u can but I will get your show out there , to at least

    my close friends, who are also FMC lovers… but I will send to TON of other friends too

    Nitey ❤

    My Best,



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