Fishtown Fringe: Shelter-in-Place

Show Name: Shelter-in-Place
Show Times: Sept 18 @ 5:30pm
Sept 19 @ 2pm and 5:30pm
Sept 20 @ 2pm
Show Location: Las Parcelas (outdoors, community garden) 2248 N. Palethorp St. 19133
Show Websites: and

If you held a microphone up to the piece what would it say: “You look scared.”

Artist Mission Statement: 1.) I am not a machine. 2.) Kill your dreams.

Hardest Logistical Obstacle: Trying to find a local bomba drummer to live score the performance. Also, figuring out how to create a sudden rainstorm in the middle of the performance without drenching/freezing my actors.

Inspirational Works of Art While Crafting this Show: The present day survivalist, or “prepper,” movement was the initial inspiration. There are endless websites, dating sites, reality shows, and resources out there that provide a glimpse into their world and thinking. Then, once I made my connection with the venue host and presenting partner Norris Square Neighborhood Project, I found a wealth of inspiration in the Norris Square community and it’s thriving Puerto Rican culture.

Double Dog Dare: Bring your neighbor, or someone who lives on your block, to a performance of Shelter-in-Place. Even, or especially, if you don’t know them all that well.

What’s up Next: After the Fringe Festival, I look forward to resting and consuming other artists’ work and patiently waiting for the next big idea.

Definition of Success as an Artist: Do I feel proud of what I’ve made? Would I happily show my work to an artist I admire without listing a bunch of qualifiers and excuses?

Day Job: I am a ghost blogger and sometimes Teaching Artist.

Last Book Read to Completion: Open City by Teju Cole. Gorgeous.

Alisha Adams


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