Live Video Footage: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

Please Note: The performance is 30 minutes and the post-show feedback is 15 minutes.

Dear Readers,

In the beginning of our journey together I promised to birth and publish a magnificent literary baby by my 30th birthday. On Monday, I will be 31. The manuscript is birthed but still under stages of revision while I shop for an editor. Essentially, I have failed to deliver, and I have failed you. My sincere apologies as I accept the mediocrity my quasi-life coach warned me about. However, with all of this said, I am still extremely proud and excited to share with you the live recording of my debut Philadelphia Fringe Performance, A Cocoon of Your Own Making. The unfolding of this performance was nothing short of magical for me, as I have always dreamed of taking stage. And admittedly, if given the choice, I wouldn’t wish to have a published book in my hand today if it came at the expense of this experience. So it appears all is exactly as it should be.

Sending a heartfelt thank you to Daniel Burke for capturing my debut and to everyone else who made it to the show. Your participation is a critical element – after all what is a performer or performance without an audience to receive the art? Also, my gratitude to you, reader, for still being on this journey with me; I hope you enjoy the show. Feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.


Embracing Mediocrity,
A Warrior Princess




2 comments on “Live Video Footage: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

  1. Stergios says:

    Julia…that was fantastic!
    I was captured by the richness and circumstantial vibrations and flactuations of your voice and movement throughout the story. Wow…you got talent. Good to see you physically as well my friend.

    Last Sundance coming up next year.,,,my hope is to be there to dance.

    I plan to share a cool poem Dani wrote next time.


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