Happy LEAP Year: 2016, Baby!

mummer strut

(Sideline Strutting w/ the 2016 Truth Bolt Brigade)

Greetings Earthlings, Space Cadets and Homo-sapiens:

You have officially made it to the Year 2016; I commend your fortitude as it wasn’t easy getting out of 2015 – the year of forest fires – unscathed. But you are here, and so am I; way to show up despite my sporadic musing. My lack of consistency had me wondering if WPMusings is meant to grow alongside me, or if it already served its purpose – to reach book completion – and it ought to die in the fires of 2015.  After serious star gazing, I’ve decided we’re not breaking up just yet. Nope. Now, more than ever, I am committed to taking this project to the next level. My first step: secure a graphic design intern. Thus, I posted the below advertisement on Indeed.com:

Wpmusings.com is on the precipice of great change – it’s time to “suit up” and own it. I’m looking for an innovative, intuitive graphic designer capable of driving this project to the next level – from a personal, content-driven site to a professional, smartly-packaged platform worthy of people’s time.

Fickle Fortune proved favorable; I went fishing for an intern and caught the likes of a fellow graduate degree master. The potential of 2016 – the year of re-growth, resurgence and synthesis – is swirling and increasing at galactic rates. Take advantage of this new LEAP year momentum. I’m starting by tweaking language: I am NOT a starving artist. I AM an abundant artist.*

Fire the engines,
A Warrior Princess

(*Footnote:  “Abundance concept” borrowed from Brittany Campese owner of Vision Driven Artists).


7 comments on “Happy LEAP Year: 2016, Baby!

  1. J

    My Best,



  2. Joe Hubay says:

    Lifting Earth Aliens Positively ________________________________

  3. Pamela Groves says:

    Good for you to get an intern!! Forward ever! Thanks for your previous note. As you can imagine I am swamped with everything going on, as exciting as it all is. I wish you ALL the success in 2016! Be well, Pamela

  4. TTJ says:

    Your motivation and your creativity is an inspiration to us earthlings…

    To infinity and beyond the light will shine on you Princess warrior 😉

  5. stergios says:

    Continuity can be key princess…good that we are not through yet.

    You are loved…..thanks for the rocks and beautiful card

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on Intern! Hopefully, he lifts you up, up and away into a good 2016;

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