Visualization: An “Artistic” Flow Chart


Drawing done by Hugo De Lao

Visualization: An “Artistic” Flow Chart

Marrying yourself as you are, basking in sanctified solitude under a new sunrise.

Being in body, with breath.



Developing a practice, establishing routine, working the program.

Staying accountable.  Meeting deadlines.

Smiling through the challenges, pushing beyond “thought” limitations.

Enjoying the progression of a slow, arduous climb.

Learning to trust the process, the unknown, the unfolding.

Setting achievable goals.

Showing up.

Relaxing into practice — engaging in flow — manifesting creation.

Soaking in the good vibrations of completion.

Feedback looping — threads of new energy — cherishing the response.

Knowing you are not alone.

Growing; an interconnected root system, both ancient and new.

Dancing. Laughing. Celebrating.

Counting — one by one — your blessings.

Giving thanksgiving to the Creator of Breath for your breath, your art, your gift.

Getting back to the work, taking pleasure in doing your work.


Being Breathed*,

A Warrior Princess

*A spiritual term found in and borrowed from Spirit Talks by Minisa Crumbo



4 comments on “Visualization: An “Artistic” Flow Chart

  1. Beautiful ride along the energy of breath. in lak’ech, Debra

  2. stergios skatharoudis says:

    Thank you, needed to hear these things

  3. Hugo says:

    Fantastic…ready to change the world!

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