Morning Pep Talk: The Blank Page

The gift of a blank page. Without fear, without hesitation, fueled on impulse, pick up that pen.  Start writing.  Maybe its a list, maybe its a picture, perhaps its a letter to yourself or loved one.  The what doesn’t matter.  It’s the act of engagement, of participation, of authorship that matters.  Smile as the ink spills along the paper.  Be silly.  Dream freely.  Create today’s story knowing you are the author, knowing your imagination and zeal will direct the flow.  Relax, when the universe throws a curve-ball, an unexpected (most likely unwanted) plot twist.  This is part of life.  Roll with it.  Cross out words, scenes, make edits, swap characters, or start over.  Tomorrow there will be another blank page.  Take comfort in this abundance.  Express.  Liberate.  Release.

Create a marvelous day,

A Warrior Princess



3 comments on “Morning Pep Talk: The Blank Page

  1. Joe Hubay says:

    The sun rose. The girl smiled. The dog barked. The man’s new found heart rejoiced. Perfect Day. ________________________________

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Joe had a perfect morning.

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