Radio Silence Progress Report

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

Dear Readers:

I apologize for the radio silence. I’ve been consumed with writing two grants that were both due on March 1st:

1.) A professional development grant from [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] for $1,000 to offset my tuition costs for Tom Jenks Workshop.

2.) A project based grant from [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] for $2,500.00 to fund “Slice of Me” workshop series. This project is inspired by the Goddess
Play Date I hosted back in 2013.

An excerpt from my project based grant application:

1. Summarize your art for social change project:

Project Catalyst: Often in life woman get defined by three main identities – wife, mother, and whatever their business title might be — while many other aspects of self are repressed, unrealized, and/or remain dormant. These hidden “slices” need nurture and light to grow. They need to be felt and seen and loved for new life vitality to surge through.

Ideal Participants: Women willing to be present and hold sacred space for each other while actively participating in Story Medicine.

Control Group: Registration will open and close prior to the first workshop to ensure generational diversity.

Advisory Board: A small planning committee to prepare, plan, promote and staff the workshops. This committee will be subdivided into the following sections: community partners and engagement, social media marketing, registration, creative programmatic planning and stewardship.

Workshop Flow Chart:

Part 1: A short written survey will be distributed to every participant at the start of the workshop. This survey is for self-reflection and to track individual progress. After which we will gather in a circle for personal ceremony and story sharing beginning with a transformative ten minute exercise I learned from my writing teacher, Kitsi Watterson. We pair off and each person talks for five minutes answering a specific question while the other person remains silent and jots down notes. This is not a conversation – one person listens while the other talks uninterrupted. When five minutes is over, roles switch and the talker becomes the listener. After which each person introduces their partner to the rest of the class recalling elements of the story shared.

Part 2: We will break for light snacks and refreshments. Meanwhile, a creative feedback game is set up in the other room where every participant creatively reflects on each other. For example, they might answer the question, “If this person had a song what would it be?”

Part 3: Feedback is shared live while a professional photographer conducts an impromptu photo shoot, capturing the facial expressions of positive feedback received and felt.

Part 4: A month or so after workshops are completed, I’ll host a party for all 32 participants at another location. This party will be open to the public, gender inclusive. One enlarged picture of each participant will be chosen and displayed throughout the space with an audience participation element. This party will be funded outside of Leeway and hopefully primarily through sponsorship packages.

2. Why is this project important to you?
“Slice of Me” is the continuation of the analytical portion of my graduate work entitled “Story Medicine.” Story Medicine refers to the medicinal power of forming, telling and listening to personal stories to heal the human psyche and create strong heart-to-heart connections. Fundamentally, Story Medicine depends upon the emotional presence of another to bear witness and hold sacred space in which a participant feels encouraged to share and become comfortable being vulnerable. These stories bind us to each other through tears, laughter and fears expressed, while strengthening our overall ability to feel and empathize with each other.

Seeking Investors,
A Warrior Princess


7 comments on “Radio Silence Progress Report

  1. Sending best wishes on your grant process! Debra

  2. Anonymous says:

    Strive forward. The wheel is round, tho it does not move itself. Rain needs gravity. Light needs Spirit to show its purpose. Energy is produced by thought. Stand stationary to rejuvenate.

  3. Luck is always welcomed! Thank you, Miss Pam!

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