Philosophical Waxing: What If….

What if Karma just means living inside the folds of other people’s untold stories, unresolved feuds, grudges, and wars? Story strings left dangling in the wake of deaths and births, threads intertwined with other dangling threads just to stay alive long enough for you to be born; a knotted nest for you to inhabit. Your karmic duty then is to figure this shit out, right? A duty assigned so others’ souls release while your knot loosens. Does this mean that the payoff of completing your karmic duty is finally having autonomy of your life story? No, this is too romantic a notion and shortsighted. After all, aren’t you leaving dangling story strings for others to piece together or unknot at this very moment? I imagine then that working through your Karma and taking authorship of your own life story moves non-linearly through time like a dance. The trick is staying light on your feet, picking the right partners, and smiling as you twirl and flow with the music (some of which your making, some of which is made for you).

Lastly, I’ve always wondered about this word “Enlightenment.” What does it even mean? To me, it’s a holier than thou term that doesn’t hold much weight. Perhaps, this is due to the saturation of its use in mainstream media, or the haughtiness of the claim. Nevertheless, I do believe there is an elevated state of being, of vibrating that I can be seen as a state of enlightenment. But be weary of those who claim to know, to be enlightened, as true life sages never have to such grandiose outward claims.

Dangling Threads,
A Warrior Princess


4 comments on “Philosophical Waxing: What If….

  1. Love this. It made me think – very interesting concepts! I also agree with you in theory on the “enlightenment” and a lot of other phrases – like “highest consciousness” … ie/ REALLY paying attention. 🙂

  2. And maybe we just call enlightenment getting a clue LOL

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