Good Vibes Friday

If you are always talking, doing, seeking and creating but never taking the time to sit, be, breathe and listen….you will miss out on important life lessons and the simple joys of bearing witness.  Admittedly, I’m a talker, a doer, and as Mama Dukes loves to say in the middle of my rants, “You always have all the answers don’t you?”

No, Mama, I don’t.

But I sure do thank you for reminding me as such.  This week I’ve spent some time listening and absorbing other people’s work.  I’ve stumbled upon some amazing things with lessons that are revealing themselves to me, slowly, because I’m horrible at sitting still and being patient, you see.  The universe is cheeky and mysterious like that, it will ask of you what you are not readily or willingly wanting to give.  Friction isn’t always a bad thing either, as how else would we get fire?

Below are a couple of creations that have had a profound impact on me. I feel confident they with translate something of value to you too.  Unplug.  Absorb.  Be inspired and soak in all of the good, positive vibrations these creations are emitting.

A recent post from “Jaguar Spirit” (worth the extra click, y’all) —

Wear Your Sunscreen,

A Warrior Princess




One comment on “Good Vibes Friday

  1. Hey Warrior Princess – I’ve been experiencing the same thing. I’ve learned more about the human experience and also seeing unseen parts of myself through the stories of others. in lak’ech, Debra

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