Distinguished Teachings Awards

                                      (I come in at 19:00 minutes)


Good Morning!  Happy spring day to you all. Today two of my former teachers — Dr. Janet Greco and Dr. Rose Malague — are being honored with Distinguished Teaching Awards from the University of Pennsylvania.  This award This past September I was invited by Dr. Chris Pastore, the Director of the Master of Liberal Arts Program at Penn, to discuss my academic/creative journey and the teachers who influenced me along the way.  I got a chance to share with Chris my inspiring encounters with both Janet and Rose, teachers of two different disciplines with two different styles, but both of whom humbled me by their great minds, generous spirits, and warm hearts (interview featured above).  As Dr. Rose always professed in class, “Circles rise together.” I feel extremely proud to be among one of the students that sat in on one of their circles.


A Warrior Princess




2 comments on “Distinguished Teachings Awards

  1. Awesome interview! And sounds like a wonderful program! WAY TO GO! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope the people you mentioned in the interview heard this interview. You would have made them proud. I know I’m proud of you.

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