A Life Epiphany

Posted on Facebook by Lobo Mau.

                            Posted on Facebook by Lobo Mau.

Warning: I’m coming fully loaded today with three posts.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany.  Not of the awe-inspiring variety but, nonetheless, extremely revealing. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the past decade; a life synthesis if you will…

The epiphany: Do not be so foolish as to think that those you hold in high regard and high esteem will champion you and your causes with the same vigor and passion that you do theirs.

This is not a personal pity party, trust I plan to take this knowledge and utilize it for my own personal growth and future investment strategy.  I am also not speaking at one person – this is not a passive blow – as I’m a say-it-to-your-face type gal.  Rather, after many professional and personal disappointments I have finally identified the root source of my frustration – investing time, money, love and energy into a person, an organization, a cause, that does not value me in same way I value them.  Shame on me.  It’s time I choose more selectively and invest with a different approach.  I’m not sure what that “approach” is yet, but you bet your ass I’m going to figure it out.


Failed Partnerships,

A Warrior Princess




2 comments on “A Life Epiphany

  1. We can only learn a better way by the bad examples of others to make sure we don’t repeat their errors. 😐 Thanks for the share.

  2. Well said, sister.

    (…and thank you for reading and commenting and sharing … Your support is sustaining me. Wad0. )

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