Grant Progress Reports

Photo Credit: Siona Stone a.k.a. Siona Sandrine.

Photo Credit: Siona Stone a.k.a. Siona Sandrine.

Warning: I’m coming fully loaded today with three posts.

Dear Readers:

If you recall, back in February I told you about my below grant submissions:

1.) A professional development grant from [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] for $1,000 to offset my tuition costs for Tom Jenks Workshop.

2.) A project based grant from [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] for $2,500.00 to fund “Slice of Me” workshop series. This project is inspired by the Goddess Play Date I hosted back in 2013.

I have been denied both.  Of course, this is a disappointment, but it is in the way in which I was denied the second one that has irked my soul (I do not use that word lightly).  Below is the email I sent to my creative team explain some of the frustration?

“Dear Team:

Thank you for believing in my “Slice of Me” project.  The full grant I submitted is attached.  I have a hard time disclosing this – as I’m still pretty annoyed at the handling of things – but my grant was never put in front of the panel for review.  It got censored by the [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] — on the grounds that my “Story Medicine” description was too “Ambiguous” (I hope you see the irony here).  I was under the assumption that those types of decisions were left to the panel to decide, not the 3rd party foundation.   Repetitively, I was told by [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] that they have no involvement in the decision making process and that this works to the artist’s benefit because [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] makes themselves available for questions and support.  Also, it was made very clear to me that I would receive valuable feedback from the panel regardless of if I was funded.  This type of feedback is beyond crucial for my growth – the fact that I didn’t receive it has me feeling cheated.  And I’m afraid they played us dirty, this whole time I thought the grant was under review when in reality it was never even placed before the panel.  Thus, with no funding, I have decided to put this project on the back burner to turn direct on my novel writing.  THANK YOU again for your interest – and my apologies if I got your hopes up for something that never materialized.”

However, I also find myself thankful to [Foundation Name Not Given For Security Purposes] as I realize this project is worth A LOT more money than I originally was willing to “settle” for.  If anyone out there is interested – either as an investor, advisory board member, or collaborator – please feel free to email me directly at


A Warrior Princess


9 comments on “Grant Progress Reports

  1. Adam Curran says:

    Irritated oysters make pearls

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I don’t LIKE it, but I support your feelings. Like you say, it may be a blessing in disguise leading you to think what you might do with a bigger budget. I honor the effort you put forth to compete the paperwork. That seems like a great effort in itself. in lak’ech YOU CAN DO IT.

    • You’ve inspired me! It’s a HUGE that you have an understanding of the grant process. If you did nothing more but succeed in gaining an understanding of that, this is a BIG SUCCESS.

  3. It just struck me is this was happening around ascension energy. 13 Monkey – Master of all Arts

  4. Ah, yes, the monkey…!

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