Heart Song Challenge: Part 2 of 2

Submitted below is the Heart Song chapter Tom Jenks challenged me to reduce to a paragraph.  I will circle back in the next few weeks with my attempt at doing such, however, for now please enjoy the story in its more primitive form.

Heart Song

He extended his finger, pointing to a tree branch right above us. And sure enough, perched there was not one but two birds.  I smiled with amazement.  “Did that bird really just call the other bird over to it with its song?”  Dad’s eyes crinkled as he nodded. “Pretty special, huh? You see Annabelle every bird species has its own distant call and response songs. The one you just heard was a robin. Take a good look at the bird’s reddish brown belly and try to remember its sound. I could pick it out as a robin without seeing the bird because I’m familiar with its call.”

How far away was the other bird? I wondered. And, how did it ever hear its friend call? My dad took my arm and flipped it over so that my wrist was facing the sky and placed my two fingers on top of it.  “Close your eyes again. Do you feel that?  Thump, thump, thump.”

I nodded.

“That’s your heartbeat. Just like the birds know each other’s calls by their songs, our family can always feel each other’s hearts through the beat. If you are ever in trouble, if you are ever hurt or lost, or whatever, just remember to listen to your heart and send out a little song. Soon enough, one of us will get the message and come along.”

I looked down at the blueish vein pulsating underneath my skin in awe.  Was my family that powerful? I wonder. “Sort of like our family has its own a heart song, is that right dad?”

He smiled releasing my wrist and standing up.  “Yep.  That’s right, Squirt.  And remember, no matter how far away you are, I’ll be able to hear it.”


Chirps and Smiles,

A Warrior Princess



8 comments on “Heart Song Challenge: Part 2 of 2

  1. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    Beautiful Warrior Princess! Thank you for sharing!

    A Cyber Birdie Gift to honor the Medicine of the Wingeds!

    Love, Light, Creativity, Peace, Joy and Beauty to You, Spirit Sista’! Sacred Drifta’

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does the bird in your picture have alzheimers?

  3. Pamela Groves says:

    Thanks! Heart Song. HearthSong. 🙂 I love birds and bird calls. P.

  4. Anonymous says:

    a hot summer night sitting on the front steps. a cold beer and a good cigar my only company. or so i thought. the loud chirping of a cricket nearby gets my attention. what is that noise about ? now another one is heard, yet a little farther away a third joins in. i close my eyes to listen harder, WOW, WTF, i hear the symphony of a thousand crickets, louder louder , then tappering off, only to rise again. beautiful. crickets, birds, people, all noisemakers. unless you choose to see and hear the beauty in each one, then the fractal can be enjoyed. slow down, have a beer and enjoy the noise that is life. … .peace .

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