Poetry In Motion: To Honest Conversations

Kicking off the Democratic Convention with this poem of mine:

To Honest Conversations

You posed the question, “Why don’t people have honest conversations with each
other?” it lingered there between us – an imploded bubble asking to be popped –
but when I reached out my finger to try, you were already gone.

Honestly, I implore, do you really care to know?

Or conveniently do you use ‘people’ to distance yourself from the equation?
For people have no faces, no personal intimacies, no favorite movies or late night snacks, no pet names, no scent.  Asking why of a collective mass is like asking why of time, it’s too infinite to ever really know.

Ah! But scratch ‘people’ and insert ‘I’ into your question, “Why don’t I have honest conversations?” and now it becomes your problem.  And, if I’m to speak honestly here, sir, problems are something you tuck under your bed, stuff into a closet, leave on the floor for someone else to clean up.

Honestly, I implore, why are problems something you wish to ignore?


Bring on the Donkeys,

A Warrior Princess



9 comments on “Poetry In Motion: To Honest Conversations

  1. Kelly Ring says:

    Liking it sister

  2. YES! — I work for your approval, sis.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very good, I agree.

  4. Anonymous says:

    honest conversation, hmmm. that would require us to be honest with ourselves first, to painful ? hide that stranger with a mask , justify our escape with stories , fables and lies to soothe our discomfort at who we think we are. . . . .for ourselves, or others ?

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Indeed, honesty works both ways, internally and externally. We all wear masks, we all need to run and hide at times. We all need to be held (no questions asked) by someone who loves us. Narratives thread people, families, cultures together through the course of lifetimes. Narratives are the invisible lines that connect us to the past, present and pull us into the future. The narratives we consume, we tell ourselves and we share with others create our personal truths and shape our realities – be them news articles, scientific journals or fables.

      Appreciating your inquisitive response,

      • Anonymous says:

        i just found your blog, and am looking forward to reading more. I am new to this whole blog world, but so far i am fascinated with your writing, musings. sign me amused. . .peace.

      • yes, we all do use mask, one for every situation or task at hand through out the day. does honesty require us to take off ALL our mask, to be naked to our truths and our problems, and to accept our own forgiveness, and give ourselves a hug ?
        P.S. there are few things in this world as wonderful as a strong, loving, caring, healing hug from a loved one. you have to be present and soak them up.

  5. HA! Bring on the donkey’s indeed. That’s about how this day feels.

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