I AM Under Construction

Sent to me via text message by a good girlfriend.

Greetings All,

I come to you undone and in a state of transition.  For this reason, I will be very brief.

Sharing the two Phindie Reviews I did thus far for this year’s Fringe festival:

BEFORE I DIE (Tongue & Groove): 2016 Fringe review 17

HER: THE FEMALE EXPERIENCE FROM BIRTH TO DEATH (Basement Poetry): 2016 Fringe review 22

It’s inspiring to be on the other side of the stage scribbling notes. Go check out a show!

Talent is Everywhere,

A Warrior Princess


5 comments on “I AM Under Construction

  1. Pamela Groves says:

    Hey there. . Thanks for this. Amazing that it’s been a year since your fringe coming out. Hope you are well. Take care. P.

  2. life is amazing in that you never know when or who could open your eyes or offer a helping hand, or be that light at the end of the tunnel. great quote ! you will emerge stronger WP.

  3. Smile and slight teardrop. Much appreciated, cuz.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great quote!
    Exhilarating & Optimistic. Thanx for sharing ☺️

  5. Kelly Ring says:

    Stop it for real. The only answer is in you. You can do it. Put up or shut up

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