A Parable..

This past weekend my dear friend offered this parable as a way of helping me envision my next life steps:

Once there was a flock of ducks with an eagle living amongst them like a brother, raised to be a fellow duck. You see, the eagle fell out of its nest as an egg and grew up not knowing he was of a different clan. Until one day, while they were all playing in the pond, the eagle looked around at all the other ducks and realized he was very different from them. He had sharp talons, with an enormous wingspan and a strong, golden beak. Plus, after every single meal he always remained hungry while the other ducks seemed satisfied. He asked the other ducks if he were different from them and they all agreed that he certainly was.

And so, the eagle embarked on a quest to find someone that looked like him and one day it happened.  Another eagle soaring high in the air swooped right in front of him for a moment’s time before disappearing again.  “Can I fly in the air like that?”  The eagle asked himself.  It took him sometime to muster up the courage to jump off the high cliff way above the duck’s pond, along with a whole lot of faith to believe that he was capable of navigating such great heights. Not to mention the fear of leaving his home and his brethren ducks behind.  But one day the eagle decided he must at least try, and so did, while all the other ducks watched him soar above.

His point is that I too must at least try. I agree with him.  And so, I am going to revise my novel one more time before getting it ready to shop to agents.  My deadline for this is mid-January of 2017.

The day after I made this commitment I received an email entitled: 1 Eagle/MEN – Wings of Spirit from Debra Malmos who keeps an inspired Mayan calendar blog.  When I read the lines: “Eagle intuitively calculates the distance from Point A to Point B and times its arrival at precisely the right moment to grasp an opportunity – even one hidden below the surface.” I knew the universe was positively responding to me in its own.

Aiming for Point B,

A Warrior Princess




5 comments on “A Parable..

  1. Frankie says:

    I wish you all the best…..

  2. COINCIDENCE ? ,. I don’t believe in them. The Universe hears us and aligns. We have to pay attention and Know it when it happens. It’s talking to you.

  3. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    Go For it Beautiful!!! Eagle Medicine is very powerful!!! XXXO Sacred Drifter

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the parable!

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