Plan A ..


This is a profound page out of Andrew Simonet’s book Making Your Life as an Artist and why I wasn’t surprised my recent SOS call didn’t receive much response.  Admittedly, I sent a very vague signal without much direction.  But nonetheless, I’ve spent my life learning how to deal with this type of subtle rejection by not expecting a response from people, and then when one comes I am always pleasantly surprised.  This is partially why the blog is named: “Take It or Leave It: The Random Musings of a Warrior Princess.”  After a month of trying to get a sense of what professionally comes next for me while also working with a career coach, I’ve come up with a game plan.  Well actually two; Plan A & Plan B.  All of which still need to be vetted through my coach and most likely will evolve as I go.  However, it’s a start.

Plan A: Revise my novel by Valentine’s Day and get a book proposal together to solicit to publishing houses/agents.  Admittedly, I never had a real Valentine.  It feels poetically fitting then to show up for myself first before expecting somebody else to arrive on a golden chariot.  I owe it to myself to make this my Plan A option despite the odds stacked against me.  But as the saying goes, “Nothing beats a failure like a try.” The effort will be an immense one.  As the novel stands right now it’s not up to my standards, let alone ready for public consumption.  However, the distance of two years has offered lots in way of perspective.  For instance, this version of the book I wrote for myself to heal, the revision will be written for readers to feel.  Trust me, there is a big difference between the two.  The teachings I learned in Tom Jenks Workshop need to be synthesized into practice. I’m excited by the challenge to do so and invigorated to be back inside the folds of my novel.  It turns out, I’ve been running from my pen and from myself for far too long.  Sharing the opening quote to A Poetics of Fiction which has me feeling encouraged.



Pen Flow,

A Warrior Princess

Ps. We’ll discuss Plan B at a later time.













14 comments on “Plan A ..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Full steam ahead WP, we are out there, listening, waiting, praying and quietly supporting.

  2. Miss P says:

    I’m so glad you have set a time to give yourself a definite date.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You inspiring yourself, believe me, inspires others, e.g., me.

  4. […] me to admit this as failure is never easy to own.  Valentine’s day has passed and neither Plan A or Plan B were […]

  5. Such an AWESOME post – OMG – I sometimes fantasize someone could just show up at the door. FYI – I HEARD YOU and have thought a lot about your dreams story. It would be an awesome project. it’s been hard to conceive what time it might require – plus, finishing up a major graphics project – to be announced soon. I would at least love to hear what your ideas are. in lak’ech, Debra

    • Hi Debra!

      As always, its nice to hear from you. Just offering a bit of clarity:
      — “The Boy Who Could Not Dream” is a little kid’s book, not project.
      — “Slice of Me Workshops” is a project rooted in “Story Medicine” philosophy and theory.

      in lak’ech,

  6. You also made me remember that any time I put myself into someone else’s hands, I’ve realized I could have done it better for myself.

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