My Political Body Scan Response

The point of a body scan is to actively listen to your physical body.  To its subtle nuances, to how it is behaving, processing and communicating with you while the world feeds you information.  Perhaps, it’s helpful to think of a million different emojis, likes, and dislikes firing up signals along the spine to your brain in hopes you’re paying attention.  If you’re not, these signals are ignored, meanwhile, outside information continues to stream in, get consumed and acted upon without any weigh in from your body.  Trust me, you want this instinctual counsel as your body is very wise.  Below is my personal political body scan response from last week’s double dog dare:

Video #1


  • Agitation from the way the reporter, Millie Weaver, drags out the end of her words.
  • Facial wincing at the spirit cooking imagery, resisting urge to look away.
  • Rolling eyes at the liberties taken in video cuts.
  • Sigh of disgust at the outrageous glitz and glam of Beyonce.
  • Clenching of muscles, as Hillary starts thanking Chance the rapper, a rising fear growing.
  • Stomach churns as Hilary says, “This is what America is…”
  • Legs start tapping upon Millie’s return; I want to shove the mic down her throat.
  • Laughter at reaction of the gentleman to Millie’s question, “Do you know what spirit cooking is?” (13:00)

Video #2

  • Nerves fire as LaDonna takes the mic.
  • Picking of nails when LaDonna describes her daughter’s arrest.
  • Covering of mouth, holding of breathe, while LaDonna asks for reasons for her daughter’s arrest.
  • Closing of throat: “We have to stop them” (5:25)
  • Chills throughout body: “Like the buffalo we must face the storm.”
  • Tears brim when Jason asks what explanation was given for daughter being left naked.
  • Rubbing of wrists as she talks about how the police’s role is to protect the people, not corporations.
  • Biting of lips, deep inhale: “This is history repeating itself.”
  • Making and rubbing of fist, been there six months
  • Increase heartbeat as LaDonna Brave Bull Allard tells the history of the grave sites.

Video #3

  • Exhale at the comment “Reality TV show star turned politician.”
  • Holding of breath when Trump’s first tweet appears.
  • Tapping of legs as Trump talks about the little guy he’s going to target.
  • Blinking of eyes, feeling bombarded by all the quick screen action.


Taking Inventory,

A Warrior Princess


One comment on “My Political Body Scan Response

  1. Ciao, Pamela! Thanks for the note; lots to tune into these days (sigh & eye-roll). Great to hear from you; I’ve been in grounding mode, as of late, but hope to connect soon!

    Also, finally finished, “The Boy Who Could Not Dream.” My 7 year old nephew read it aloud to me – front to back – and provided an edit or two be made first, he approves! No lies, the kid’s a trip!! ❤

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