Breaking News: Unblockable Presidential Text Messages

This weekend, after stumbling upon the above Colbert clip, I felt vindicated; along with frightened.  For years, I’ve pushed back against my peers, never quite trusting or being excited about technology in the same way they seemed to be.  Often, my refusals to join Facebook and other social media platforms, were seen as a stubborn refusal to change, to participate in society.  I tried explaining my concerns about how social media and technology are changing the nature of human connection and interaction – a culture of swiping left and right that is pulling at the very seams of our humanity.  I expressed concerns at the vulnerability of entrusting personal information over to a machine, or device, that can be accessed by so many.  All the while, upgrade after upgrades were made, with things “progressing” at such a rate no human mind can possibly keep up.

Of course, I’m not 100% right, for if I were I wouldn’t be communicating to you here on a blog platform.  But, I’m not 100% wrong, either.

Apparently, since 2006, a law has been in place allowing unblockable Presidential access to mass text messages of all cell phones nationwide.  Reread that sentence a few times allowing the information to fully saturate.  As Colbert so eloquently puts it, “the only person I’d trust less with that technology is Anthony Weiner.”  Although, Colbert also claims no other president has used this power up-to-date, I’d argue this might be how the DNC was capable of spamming my cell phone for weeks upon weeks leading up to the campaign.  It seriously felt like an invasion of privacy and decency as messages came in at all hours from a plethora of sources.  I blocked so many numbers and talked to so many people in efforts to stop the madness, but alas, to no avail.

Digital Dangers Ahead,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “Breaking News: Unblockable Presidential Text Messages

  1. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    Here! Here Warrior Princess…I had many DNC calls too…Big Brother Wachin’ Us? Oui! Oui! Weird!!!

    Love Ya and Appreciate Ya, Sister…thank you for your body of work! Sacred Drifta

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such kind, generous words. Thank you for expressing them Sacred Drifter. Hardly a “body of work” though .. I still need to get books published before I can accept that holy grail of a claim.: ) But I love the crown your already presenting!

  3. I’m right with you on this one.

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