Good Vibes Friday: A Rising Sun Mural


Last year, I asked my landlord if I could paint my apartment.  He replied, “Sure, just nothing too dark.”  As a former English professor, I assumed he meant this metaphorically.  Sharing pictures of the mural my two godchildren and I painted.  It’s imperative as an artist to have good resources and good people to turn to while nurturing creative ideas into realized realities. For this reason, I’d like to acknowledge some of the wonderful staff at Dick Blick who helped me plot, plan and visualize this life-giving creation.  Thank you Jessica W., Marco Hill (a Philadelphia based photographer), and Autumn Wallace for your time, expertise and inspirational selves.  And wishing you all a wonderful, sour milk free weekend!

file_000file_000-2 file_000-4

Painted Dreams,

A Warrior Princess


2 comments on “Good Vibes Friday: A Rising Sun Mural

  1. Tia Sis says:

    Love the rising sun

  2. Thanks, Auntie. Something has to keep my plants alive : ) LOVE you.

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