Andy’s Inspirational Journey: Great Wall Training

This past weekend I received a text message from my sister, “Stop the pity party already and get on with it!”  This comment sunk into me like salt saturates a wound – a slow burning sensation.  The only real defense was through acceptance as my sister was absolutely right.  I was focusing on all of the progress that didn’t happen rather than building off the achievements that did.  Sometimes as an artist, as a writer, I feel diseased.  Literally diseased.  This is when a downward spiraling of thoughts spew over in mind: nobody wants to collaborate with me, my work doesn’t matter, nobody really cares, I’m a joke to the world, ect.  Even though deep down I know these thoughts are toxic and untrue, often in everyday reality they get affirmed making it difficult to stay uplifted.

Then on Sunday I stumbled upon the above video about Andy’s journey through the world with cerebral palsy.  A brave account about one man testing his own limitations, pushing pass hardships, and finding the grit to surmount mental blocks.  It’s about relationship building and loss.  After watching it my cheeks were entirely wet and my heart filled with a special kind of awe.  I’m learning a lot from Andy’s story and see him as an exemplary case of someone who didn’t throw themselves a pity party in the face of serious adversity.


In Awe,

A Warrior Princess


11 comments on “Andy’s Inspirational Journey: Great Wall Training

  1. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    O.K. Spirit Sista’ … there is liquefying over this bit o’ beauty! Isn’t it amazing how Life does for us and not to us…what a gift given to you at just the time you needed to receive it. Joe is that gift for me each day! XOXO

    May I pass this WPmusing on by forwarding it to the 399 sensational sentient beings on the Sacred Drift List? ;o))

    Love YOU, WP! L/SD

    • You crack me up and hold me dear…wado for your prescence and vibrancy, Sacred Drifta’. Feel free to share with your ever-growing community! Kisses.

    • Rainbow Thunder Bear says:

      One really important thing I learned in my 12 Step Programs is that the only thing you get when you sit on the pity pot is a ring around your arse. Enjoyed the video! Good reminder to not feel sorry for myself especially since my 49 year old niece died on February 6, 2017. Will be celebrating 34 years of sobriety in July and 11 years of being nicotine free in May.

      • “the one thing you get when you sit on the pity pot is a ring around your arse…” — residual chuckles for days. Thank you – Rainbow Thunder Bear – for the perspective pencil point sharpening …! aho!

  2. Old Same says:

    Truly Inspirational! I have been in a place where your posts really help to get me though the day and refocus. Thanks for the push Warrior Princess…pity parties aren’t good for anyone. You and Andy alike are both an anspiration to not just keep plugging along but to think big. Xoxo

  3. Julia – I’m right there with you. Seriously, these core days and flint trecena are the void of the unknown. I watch the video and wonder what ignited him? My disabilities aren’t so visible, yet they prevent me from doing what I want to do – and I wonder how I’ll get to the other side. We are also pushing through and we will see the progress soon. in lak’ech, Debra

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. I’ll bring it to mind when I’m struggling with daily disappointments and remember “It’s mind over matter”.

  5. […] gratitude while celebrating the good things in life is the antidote to throwing pity parties.  In this vein, I’m highlighting the below commentary pulled from various musings posted over […]

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