Your Heartfelt Commentary

Expressing gratitude while celebrating the good things in life is the antidote to throwing pity parties.  In this vein, I’m highlighting the below commentary pulled from various musings posted over the course of five years.  These comments and your readership add immense value to my world.  Thank you for being you and joining me here on this fantastical journey.

“WP!  Just want you to know, one goddess to another, that you made me smile today. So, I hope it makes YOU SMILE to know that you just made someone’s day, their week – brighter.”

Lisa Marie Grillo

“This is really beautifully written. You captured the feeling of being at Batizado. As I was reading, I could re-see, re-hear, re-smell and re-FEEL the things I experienced that day! Batizado is a very powerful and truly unique experience. Thanks for writing!”

Carrie L.

To my favorite muse today
I wish I could offer you a lei
As a token of appreciation
For soothing my frustration
Your posts give me a break
Like a giant kit kat or steak

Peter from Queens

“Julia! You are a good writer! I could picture very moment of that story and at the end chuckled just enough to make me want to keep reading. Me yearning to “keep reading” is not something that happens often. Which is why I have so many half read books on my bedstand lol.”


“These are some of the most true and pure writings I have read on your blog – can’t wait to hear more about the experience.”


“You’re inspiring me to interview my grandparents!”

Cassandra Gates

“Thank you Warrior Princess for sharing such a heartfelt, life lesson, tear jerking story! It touch my soul! I value the bond of FAMILY! Thanks again!”


“Finally able to catch up on your blogs. I must say…some of them truly do make my day that much better after a good, hard laugh. Keep being awesome Juls, you’re a warrior.”


“Jules that was powerful! Hit me right in the heart.”

Cassandra Gates

“One may not always know his purpose until his only option is to monopolize in what he truly excels at. He grows weary of hearing the answer ‘no’ time and time again, so he turns to and cultivates, monopolizes in his one talent which others cannot possibly subdue. Then, beyond the crowds of criticism and rejection, the right people recognize his talent – among them he finds his stage.”

You found your stage, so just keep shining Warrior Princess. Your blog makes my day, every day. Simply Amazing. Thank you.”


“Julia…that was fantastic!  I was captured by the richness and circumstantial vibrations and flactuations of your voice and movement throughout the story. Wow…you got talent.”


“This writing is terrific and You are right-on !! To have one or two friends who you can trust is to be rich in so many ways! I too have issues with those supposed friends who provided lip service. We all need to remember your words and rise above all the muck. Be well!!”


“You inspiring yourself, believe me, inspires others, e.g., ME.”


“Truly Inspirational! I have been in a place where your posts really help to get me though the day and refocus. Thanks for the push Warrior Princess…pity parties aren’t good for anyone. You and Andy alike are both an inspiration to not just keep plugging along but to think big. Xoxo.”


“So strong and powerful, yet, frail and vulnerable.”

“I have a word document of all your writings that touch me!!!”

Lisamarie McGrath

Time Warp,

A Warrior Princess


4 comments on “Your Heartfelt Commentary

  1. Anonymous says:

    A lot of time, effort and committment to your reader has been put into your musings. Keep up the good work and we, your readers, will keep reading.

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay, I will. (Insert: Virtual Handshake.) Also, thank you for expressing these sentiments I’m really happy to hear your feeling loved : )

  2. Electric warrior says:

    Julia, like many of your readers, I look forward to opening my email and seeing a posting from WP. Lemons to lemonade, lead to gold, as a word alchemist, you take a fool’s sour milk and turn it into a nourishing kefir. A little self pity is OK. Taking a line from be”Disturb’s ” song ” THE LIGHT, sometimes the darkness can show you the light., Don’t let hope become a memory..

    • “A word alchemist” — yowzers, I’m taking this one to the bank. Thank you, electric warrior, for seeing me in such a complimentary light. Love the song reference and use of the word kefir. : )

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