Artistic Data Points

My artwork; designing a logo : )

Artistic Data Points:

Artist: Julia Taus

Artist Discipline: Writer/Performer

Artist Statement: Julia Taus is a poet, playwright and aspiring author who strings together words with playful delight.  As a careful observer of paradox, heart beats, and wing flaps – writing inspired by every day passion for living.

Artist Bio: Julia Taus earned her Master of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing, from the University of Pennsylvania and her Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications, from Temple University.  She debuted a one woman show at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival that she wrote, produced and performed in entitled, A Cocoon of Your Own Making.  Julia writes theater reviews and a blog: The Musings of A Warrior Princess (, while also revising a novel.

Story Medicine: Story Medicine is an analog process that heals the psychological, emotional body through a dynamic exchange of writing and reading practices designed to uproot toxins.

Slice of Me Workshop Series:  Slice of Me is a half-day transformational workshop celebrating the Divine Feminine. Generations of women come together in a ceremonious talking circle to share, listen and reflect on the varied nuances of a woman’s everyday existence.  Through a curated process each participant discovers a unique slice of self to reveal in a high-art photoshoot.

The Musings of A Warrior Princess: TBD

 The Novel: TBD


Packaging My Product,

A Warrior Princess




4 comments on “Artistic Data Points

  1. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    MMMM Sounds lovely, Cherie! XOXO L

  2. Pamela Groves says:

    Good start and good luck! P/

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