White Elephant: Addendum

Just because I failed to complete Plan A and Plan B doesn’t mean I’m throwing the white towel of surrender.  Wounds have been licked and bandaged.  Ready to forge forward and willing to go through the whole damn alphabet until I find a plan that does work.

Narrowing Focus,

A Warrior Princess

Footnote: A re-post in honor of international woman’s day:

My Personal Submission: Feline Philosophy

Picture Credit: Robin Burd

Recording Credit: Jeff Jeffries at South Street Sounds

Theme:  As a theme, ‘The Divine Feminine” is open for creative interpretation. Personally, I approach it as the internal recognition that two divine threads of energy runs through each of us, regardless our gender.  In Chinese philosophy, this is referred to as yin (female) and yang (male) energy.  I am interested in discovering, excavating and celebrating the qualities that uniquely comprise this female thread.

Inspiration: Below are songs and a book excerpt accompaniment.

That Feminine Thread, The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo

Female Artists:

Upside Down by Paloma Faith

Tightrope by Janelle Monae

One of the Boys by Gretchen Wilson

Sometimes It Takes Balls to be a Woman by Elizabeth Cook

Male Artists:

Lady Don’t Tek No by Latyrx

You don’t have to believe me by Eric Hutchison

Ticks by Brad Paisley

She’s always a woman to me by Billy Joel

Submissions: All artistic expression – from culinary arts to dance – is welcomed.  Please email submissions, ideas, collaboration pitches and questions to me at wpmusings@gmail.com.

Lady Parts,

A Warrior Princess



4 comments on “White Elephant: Addendum

  1. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    Fabulous Warrior Princess Sista’! Merci Beaucoup! Sacred Drifta’ p.s. love Love LOVED the voice mail!!! Saved it in fact! ;o)))

  2. : “there’s the trick : to find the way – either forwards or back -to what we long to be ” ROSE TREMAIN

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