Poetry In Motion: Mandinguerio & Novice

Offering Hand Credit: M. Jones
Picture taken on a broken cell phone in Kansas


Mandinguerio they never see you coming

cloaked in all that folklore and myth.

Staggering  forward, rags dragging

through a drift of things left behind –

a rubble of bones, spit, blood,

and griddle to arrive here

at the foot of the Berimbau.


Head bowed to Mestre a

wounded, but proud warrior.


Voices rise in praise,

rhythms switch, and tambourines ring out

announcing your presence

this song – your birthright – Mandinguerio

and the only forewarning

I receive of the

mastery you possess.


I Surrender,

A Warrior Princess

2 comments on “Poetry In Motion: Mandinguerio & Novice

  1. Lisamarie McGrath says:

    Hey Beautiful!!! Love this! I am writing you from a smooth train going from Inverness to Edinburgh, Scotland…and it has wifi!!! ;o))

    Hey! Hey! HEY!! There is a book that you MUST pick up and absorb….

    *When the Women Were Drummers, by Layne Redmond!!!!* Gonna fly for now…the inbox is quite full as the days in Scotland have been incredibly full … and…enriching!!!

    Sending you Loads of Love from Bonnie Scotland, Sacred DriftA’/L

  2. Anonymous says:

    ah , ‘smooth’, very nice sacred drifta.

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