Double Dog Dare: Be Like Albi

This morning I changed my route to work, instead of taking Walnut I opted for Chestnut Street.  I was walking with purpose feeling especially light as I was only carrying a small backpack with no extra baggage.  My earbuds were in listening to Kip Moore on Pandora the country twang directing my focus to life’s small joys. When I crossed over 24th street I got tapped from behind by a gentleman who was panting.  Wide-eyed, I turned removing my headphones.

“You walk really fast,” He said, catching his breath.  “I’ve been running for two blocks trying to catch you.”  I smiled ascertaining that he was neither mad, nor in trouble.  To my surprise, he also looked respectable – a tall, European man with a bright face and twinkling eyes smartly dressed.  “You’re adorable, do you know that?  This cute little outfit with the backpack on and smiling to yourself while you’re walking.  It’s really good energy and good to see.”

I laughed, loudly, I couldn’t help myself as color rose to my cheeks.  “Thank you.”

He raised his open palm and I matched mine to it.  Giving a squeeze, he said, “I just wanted you to know that.  Keep it up.”

He started walking away.  “What’s your name?” I called after him.

“Albi” He said.  “My name is Albi. What’s yours?”

“Julia,” I replied twice until he heard me.  His smile widened as he tested it out on his lips until turning back around in the direction of which he came.  I watched him run for a whole block before I continued on my way.  This feeling of genuine warmth and gratitude grew inside of me as I discovered three things about this encounter that pleasantly surprised me:

1.       In general, nobody is ever running after me

2.       He called me “adorable” a word not often used when describing me

3.       This was a shared compliment with no strings attached, no hidden agendas


And thus, today’s Double Dog Dare: Be like Albi.  Share an unsolicited, genuine compliment with a stranger of your choosing.


Give it a Whirl,

A Warrior Princess

One comment on “Double Dog Dare: Be Like Albi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I always find you adorable. Well, most of the time.

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