My Political Body Scan Response

The point of a body scan is to actively listen to your physical body.  To its subtle nuances, to how it is behaving, processing and communicating with you while the world feeds you information.  Perhaps, it’s helpful to think of a million different emojis, likes, and dislikes firing up signals along the spine to your brain in hopes you’re paying attention.  If you’re not, these signals are ignored, meanwhile, outside information continues to stream in, get consumed and acted upon without any weigh in from your body.  Trust me, you want this instinctual counsel as your body is very wise.  Below is my personal political body scan response from last week’s double dog dare: Continue reading

Double Dog Dare: Political Body Scan

Welcome to the New World.  Donald J. Trump is our president.  God Bless America.  Before offering commentary on the state of current affairs I’d like to double dog dare each of you to engage with the video selections below.
The Dare:  Watch each video in its entirety observing your body’s response to the information presented.  Take notice of how your physical body reacts; where it clenches, tightens or becomes agitated.  Also, take note of your emotional/psychological body, where are you engaged, enraged, scared, etc. Track your feeling responses and try not to judge yourself.
The Double Dog Dare: Share your “scan” in the comment section below.

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Double Dog Dare: Street Art

Mural Arts Persona

This past Saturday I discovered the above Gorilla painted on the side of an abandoned building along an alley that gets little to no foot traffic.  I stopped in appreciation of this Gorilla’s questioning demeanor; I heard his baritone Baloo-like voice break through the brick walls and say, “Hey, what cha looking at?”  It made me laugh and in a moment of inspiration I asked my friend to snap a picture of me trying to personify the Gorilla. Continue reading

Double Dog Dare: CD/Mixtapes


On Monday night, I arrived at my front door exhausted and grumpy.  As I jimmied my key into the lock a feeling like a strong gust of cold wind crept through the marrow of my being.  I shivered a response trying to shake off the cold.  Similar to the weather that is always changing; I am a being that is always feeling.  Every now and again, a mixture of loneliness and self-pity will present itself on my internal radar.  Just like I don’t judge the rain when it falls, I let these feelings pass through me.  However, this particular storm moved quickly along because sitting in my foyer was a yellow package with big black lettering addressed to me.  Mail! I squealed in glee.  As I climbed the stairs to my studio I carefully opened the package releasing a CD into my hand.  On the cover was a hand crafted picture of fireflies in a jar and a post-it note that read: Continue reading

Double Dog Dare: Brave Truths


When I told my 15-year old nephew that it is 2013: the Year of the Goddess, the Way of the Valiant Gent, he told me that it is his year of Truth.  I felt both proud and protective warning him, “Tread slowly, Truth is a lifelong pursuit.” 

Like most beasts, Truth has an underbelly, a dark side that can be unraveling in nature.  I learned this the hard way.  I went straight at Truth like William Wallace from Braveheart yelling “Frreeeeeeedomn”, sword swinging overhead blue-faced and without fear.  Truth turned that sword around on me, sliced and diced my insides into so many unrecognizable parts that I wasn’t sure if I’d make it back.  I got wounded, knocked down and sent to the back of the line to recover.  At that time I was despondent and full of hate.  Fortunately, through this battle I discovered my truest self and resurfaced as a Warrior Princess with love in her heart and a story to tell. 

My battle with Truth taught me this: Continue reading