PA Women’s Conference 2016: Debrief

A cartoon a part of Adam Grant's talk.

Picture Found: on the slideshow of Adam Grant’s talk.

Every year my oldest sister, mom, and I go to the Philadelphia Women’s Conference held at the Convention Center.  It is a day of personal investment, of consuming knowledge for knowledge sake, with the challenge to transform some of that knowledge into action.  This year, I’m sharing my shorthand notes on two speakers – Annie Clark and Adam Grant – hopefully providing a snapshot of their full talk and not just the highlights of my favorite part.  However before doing so, it’s important to realize this place is buzzing with over 8,000 women hungry for wisdom.  In the main room, rows and rows of round tables are lined to face the stage that slightly juts out into the crowd with two suspended TVs on either side.  In the morning, we had front row seats to hear the below talks. Continue reading

Travel Logs: Down Under, Part 3

(A continuation from Travel Logs: Down Under, Part 1 and Part 2)

I remembered In a Sunburned Country talked about strong currents unique to Australia, about how they shift suddenly leaving unprepared swimmers grappling for their life,  of which many die or are reported lost at sea.  Now I was in the water experiencing this phenomenon first hand.  I laid down on my board keeping close to Jason as we paddled to catch a wave.  A promising one swelled behind us and he yelled for me to get it.  As it grew in size, I knew it was too big for me to manage, especially given my board position.  At the last minute, I pulled back rising with the water as Jason dropped into the crest of the wave riding it safely to shore.  Behind me I heard the ocean crash against the jetty and felt an undertow pulling me in that very direction with such strength I felt utterly powerless.  Looking over my shoulder I saw the first scattering of rocks merely 25 feet from me.  My breath quickened and I started paddling like a madwoman in the opposite direction.  Within moments I was out of breath with arms threatening fatigue. Continue reading

Travel Logs: Down Under, Part 2


(A continuation from Travel Logs: Down Under, Part 1)

Still panting, I squinted up at Jason whose rippled body glistened in the sun, a smile broadening as he cupped his hand to splash me.

“I almost didn’t make it.” I said struggling to balance the board between my legs in a sitting position.  Out here, we rose with the waves letting them pass and crash just beyond us, no longer in danger of constantly being consumed by them.  There wasn’t another person in sight on shore or in the water.  Above massive clouds scattered across the sky with a fierce wind that moved in powerful gusts pulling the water with it.  A good bit beyond Jason’s shoulder I watched the ocean splash 15-20 feet in the air up against a jetty of rocks. Captivated, I stared at the spectacle while Jason stared intently at me. Continue reading

Travel Logs: Down Under, Part 1

At 19, I did an internship with Southern Star Broadcasting in Sydney, Australia working on a TV show centered on surfing.  I started as the 3rd assistant director’s assistant.  And, perhaps, the biggest challenge was learning the public transportation system to get to these remote beach locations in time for 7:00am starts.  Often this translated to me being on a bus at 5:00am arriving just in time for breakfast, a daily pre-filming ritual.  The cast was my age and although friendly, they kept to themselves.  Often at lunch they’d go surfing in the water and I’d watch from a distance longing for a try.  By the third week, I started bringing a swimsuit at the odd chance an opportunity presented itself. Continue reading

DNC Coverage: Pulling the Plug

The other day I had a conversation with Mamacita.  In the middle, she abruptly stated, “You need to stop with the DNC posts.  I’m on the verge of unsubscribing.  They are so Goddamn boring.”

“Really? Are you sure?  Because I still have about five to go and feel obligated to finish what I started.”

“No. You just want to impress the cute journalist with your reporting skills.” Continue reading

DNC Coverage: Public Commentary Curated [Gun Control]

Orlando Shooting

Excerpt: “It’s as if there is a national script that we have learned … to despair. ‘That’s the way the world is now.’ I don’t know what to do, but I do know despair is a victory for hate, hate want us to be too weak to change anything.”

Take Home Message: Love is a verb; to love is to do something. Continue reading