A Cocoon of Your Own Making: Show Pictures & Quotes

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke


“A Beauty so Special and Rare,

I had to approach with the most delicate of Care,

asking, ‘What do they call you all the way up there?’

Many Things.’ she replied, flapping away at my hot air.”


Come Experience the Unfolding:  Tonight @ 7pm or Tomorrow @ High-noon/5:00pm.

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STILL Climbing,

A Warrior Princess

A Cocoon of Your Own Making: Show Pictures & Quotes

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

“Graceful and Fierce with claws sharpened

through the sands of time, ready to strike any alley cat down

given the sign.”


*Shows Remaining: Friday (9/18) @ 7:00pm, Saturday (9/19) @ 12:00pm and 5:00pm. *
$10 Tickets.  Come Experience The Unfolding: BUY TICKETS HERE


Hidden Dragon,

A Warrior Princess


A Cocoon of Your Own Making: Show Pictures & Quotes

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

Picture Credit: Daniel Burke Photography


“Just like that, I knew I was in Love.

A New Soundtrack kept looping through my mind.

I’m Alive. Buzzing. Resuscitated.

But Tuck, well Tuck, kept me at a calculated distance…”

**THREE SHOWS REMAINING: FRIDAY (9/18) @ 7:00pm, SATURDAY (9/19) @ 12:00pm and 5:00pm. **
Crouching Tiger,

A Warrior Princess





Fishtown Fringe: Shelter-in-Place

Show Name: Shelter-in-Place
Show Times: Sept 18 @ 5:30pm
Sept 19 @ 2pm and 5:30pm
Sept 20 @ 2pm
Show Location: Las Parcelas (outdoors, community garden) 2248 N. Palethorp St. 19133
Show Websites: http://fringearts.com/event/shelter-in-place/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/905662816175973/

If you held a microphone up to the piece what would it say: “You look scared.”

Artist Mission Statement: 1.) I am not a machine. 2.) Kill your dreams.

Hardest Logistical Obstacle: Trying to find a local bomba drummer to live score the performance. Also, figuring out how to create a sudden rainstorm in the middle of the performance without drenching/freezing my actors.

Inspirational Works of Art While Crafting this Show: The present day survivalist, or “prepper,” movement was the initial inspiration. There are endless websites, dating sites, reality shows, and resources out there that provide a glimpse into their world and thinking. Then, once I made my connection with the venue host and presenting partner Norris Square Neighborhood Project, I found a wealth of inspiration in the Norris Square community and it’s thriving Puerto Rican culture.

Double Dog Dare: Bring your neighbor, or someone who lives on your block, to a performance of Shelter-in-Place. Even, or especially, if you don’t know them all that well.

What’s up Next: After the Fringe Festival, I look forward to resting and consuming other artists’ work and patiently waiting for the next big idea.

Definition of Success as an Artist: Do I feel proud of what I’ve made? Would I happily show my work to an artist I admire without listing a bunch of qualifiers and excuses?

Day Job: I am a ghost blogger and sometimes Teaching Artist.

Last Book Read to Completion: Open City by Teju Cole. Gorgeous.

Alisha Adams

Fishtown Fringe: Pretty Tall for a Hobbit

Photo provided by: John Michael Esposito, Founder/Exec Director Ananke Creative

Photo provided by: John Michael Esposito, Founder/Exec Director
Ananke Creative

Show Name: Pretty Tall for a Hobbit
Show Location: Middle Earth, 339A West Girard Avenue
Show Websites: www.anankecreative.com
Show Times:
Sept. 3 @ 7:30 pm
Sept. 4 @ 6:30pm & 9:30pm
Sept. 5 @ 2:00pm & 5:30pm & 9:30pm
Sept. 6 @ 12:30pm & 5:00pm
Sept. 10 @ 7:30 pm
Sept. 11 @ 6:30pm & 8pm & 9:30pm
Sept. 12 @ 6:30pm & 8pm & 9:30pm
Sept. 13 @ 6pm

If you held a microphone up to the piece what it would say: “Come with me.” This piece is about a girl who is facing the enviable: growing up and realizing all that comes with it. From daydreaming about space travel and a fast metabolism, to the harsh reality of having to narrow down her goals for the future, it’s a scary world to toss a person out into and if you’d please, she’d really like some company.

Words that Embody your Show: Nerd-culture, adventures, control, confusion, laughter, love-letters, and nuggets.

Inspirational literature, music, works of art while crafting this show: Pretty Tall for a Hobbit was sparked into creation by the 2013 movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I saw a man I connected with and a soundtrack I breathed. And above all, the Lord of the Rings soundtrack by Howard Shore.

Double Dog Dare: I double dog dare (serious business) these readers to sleep outside one night. Get to a campsite, pitch a tent in the back yard; however you do it, spend a whole night outdoors. It’s still warm, it’s still summer(ish), lay out and look at the stars!

What’s Up Next: EgoPo Classical Theater Co. production of “The Children’s Hour” by Lillian Hellman. I will be playing the role of Evelyn Munn. I have a lisp! Previews begin October 7, opening night is October 9.

Define Success as an Artist: My definition as an artist is split in two. Half of me says “whenever I am creating and proud of my work, I am successful.” The other half says “when I don’t need to have three other jobs just to make due.”

Day Job: This summer I lived the four job New Jersey life. Summer camp counselor for special needs children at Camp Discovery, manager for the KidsZone at the Lakewood Blue Claws Single A baseball team, waitress at Ruby Tuesday, and a writer for an outdoor camping website www.hipcamp.com.

Artistic Diet: I am an avid advocate for drawing and coloring books. I try to take the time to draw every day, little doodles, complicated things, whatever I feel with no pressure, or I color in a coloring book. It relaxes me in a world of chaos. Talking with family and friends. I gather stories, I practice pieces, I listen. Basically, I have to distract me from myself. Otherwise, I’m beating myself up over a weirdly-worded sentence I wrote last week.

Favorite Places of Inspiration: Jamestown, Rhode Island will forever be my source of inspiration. Whenever I am surrounded in nature I am inspired and at rest.

Last Book Read to Completion: Return of the King, the final book in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. The last book (not counting re-reads), would be a collection of Louise Glück’s poetry. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND.)

Katie Verde

A Note From A Warrior Princess: I broke the rules and posted after 5:30pm.  MY sincere apologies, y’all.

Fishtown Fringe: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

Photo Credit: Siona Stone a.k.a. Siona Sandrine.

Photo Credit: Miss Siona Stone

Show Name: A Cocoon of Your Own Making

Show Times: Sunday Sept. 13th 12pm and 5pm
Monday Sept. 14th 7pm
Friday Sept. 18th 7pm
Saturday Sept. 19th 12pm and 5pm

Show Location: Pig Iron Theater, 1417 N. 2nd Street


If a Microphone Was Held Up to This Piece What Would it Say: “Ca-CA”

Artist Mission Statement: Sharing a state of vulnerable confidence that activates a person’s heart center. Building, forging and creating strong soul connections. To be authentically free by just being me.

Hardest logistical obstacle: Finding a director. This became easier when Jarrod Markman, the Friendly Neighborhood Fringe Arts Coordinator, circulated my script to his networks. He did this on his own accord, I didn’t even have to ask.  As they always say, “Its not what you know but who you know.”  This attracted Amber Emory to the project.

Words that Embody Your Show: Winged Soul. Rebel Heart. Rooted Strength. Mystery Unraveling.

Double Dog Dare: SURPRISE me!! Show Up. Bear Witness. Experience the Unfolding.

What’s Up Next: Book Publication.

Definition of Artistic Success: No lie, I’m still figuring this out but “authentic emotional transactions” are at the root of the answer.

Day Job: I work in Development.

Artistic Diet: To continuously discover and uncover pathways that enrich, nurture and support my higher self, my higher good.

Place of Inspiration: In the folds of my journal with an ink pen flowing.

Last Book Read to Completion: Making Your Life as an Artist by Andrew Simonet.

Currently Reading:The Rhetoric of Modernist Fiction by Mort Levitt
Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
Spirit Talk by Minisa Crumbo


A Warrior Princess

PS. I SEE you…now get your @ss to the show!!

Fishtown Fringe: A Great War


Show Name: A Great War by James J Christy Jr.

Show Times:

Thursday, Sept 10th @ 7 pm
Friday, Sept 11th @ 8 pm
Sunday, Sept 13th @ 7 pm
Thurs, Sept 17th @ 7 pm
Friday, Sept 18th @ 8 pm
Sunday, Sept 20th @ 4 pm and 8 pm
Thursday, Sept 24th @ 7 pm
Friday, Sept 25th @ 8 pm
Saturday, Sept 26th @ 8pm
Sunday, Sept 27th @ 4pm and 8pm

Show Location: The MAAS Space, 1325 N Randolph St Philadelphia

Show Websites: www.ironagetheatre.org,

In the Family: This play is written by the son of the director who was the theatrical mentor of Iron Age Theatre and as such it is the most amazing family affair. There is a fascinating meta experience as we all work together in the chain of biological and theatrical family.

If a microphone was held up to the piece it would say: History is not what we know. War is madness, bravery can be treasonous, and the Jews had it rough long before WWI in Germany.

Artist Mission Statement: Iron age theatre dedicates itself to work focused on the human condition and social justice, theatre created collaboratively and organically, unafraid to challenge both audience and performer. We champion the untried actor, the unproduced playwright and the untold stories.

Hardest Logistical Obstacle: We will have to load in and out of our space three times to do tech rehearsals as a result of limited access to the space. Our tech runts are late at night. It is a whirlwind of moving set, costumes and lighting in and out! But I dig the pressure!

Words that Embody the Show: Bravery. Disillusionment. Passion. War. Originality.

Double Dog Dare: Come see A Great War during the Pope’s visit after the Fringe. Be bold, don’t let security stop you, have some food before or after the show and celebrate art during the confusion of the Papal invasion.

Definition of Success as an Artist: If the audience leaves the theatre altered. I want to break their preconceptions and open their eyes to the wonders of humanity. So I guess I am successful if the audience and actors leave with stronger empathy and a new understanding of history.

Day Job: I am a videographer and philosophy teacher.

Artistic Diet: Theatre is number one. I also read tons of Philosophy and history.

Other Fringe Performances You’re Excited to See:
Ten Days at Ilium
The Captive
The Andy Warhol Opera
The Illinois Five
Damned Dirty Apes!
The Girl’s Guide to Neighborly Conduct
A Cocoon of Your Own Making

…And everything in the Kensington Fringe!

Last Book Read: The Sevensies, by Neil Stephenson

Up Next: Iron Age will be producing another more stylized WWI play, an American premiere of DOGFALL by Caleb Lewis in February and then a new play by Teresa Miller about Fred Hampton in April. We also are working with our PDC resident Playwright Leah Lawler. We are looking for a permanent home in Philly and building an international progressive production that spotlights dissident and revolutionary thinkers with the intention of bringing it to universities.

John Doyle
Co-Artistic Director
Iron Age Theatre