Pictorial Inspiration: Glass Ceilings


Trump hair while doing a China squat on top of a glass ceiling 100+ meters in the air.

Shifting Perspective,

A Warrior Princess


Pictorial Inspiration: Rocky Speaks

Found on The Mankind Project's FB page.

Found on The ManKind Project’s FB page.

This weekend I hope you all “eat lighting and crap thunder.”  A tee-shirt that has this Rocky quote on it can be found and purchased at South Fellini – a local South Philly shop run by fellow Temple grads.

Enough Said,

A Warrior Princess

Pictorial Inspiration

I took this picture while visiting the Heartland. Kansas, USA

I took this picture while visiting the Heartland. Kansas, USA


If Trust is the guardian of Love,

Understanding the pathway to Peace,

Change the only Constant in life

and Death, a universal reality;

Then why let Fear stop you

from meeting what is waiting to

greet you around the bend?


Stepping into Fear,

A Warrior Princess




Pictorial Inspiration

Picture taken by Megan Koch in Kansas

Picture taken by Megan Koch in Kansas

Last night, I received a picture of a 350 year old tree (photo above).  It was sent to me by a sweet honey-making goddess who recently moved to Kansas.

In her text, she marveled:

“…think about everything it survived to still be going strong today and all the people that may have come across it…”

I replied,

“Fertile soil, hardy roots, nurturing air and sweet summer rain.  Let the tree be and it will growJ”

I woke up thinking about that tree and how we as humans can learn a lot about the nature of love and hate from reflecting on root systems of trees.  So much of what we know was given to us as children; knowledge passed down from one generation to the next, much of its source is never questioned.  I wonder how much of the ‘knowledge’ we receive as youngsters is rooted in fear-based belief systems and how much is planted in the rich soil of truth and love.  In my musing state of my mind, I recalled an article –Narrative Inheritance by H. L. Goodall Jr. -that changed my life.  It was given to me at a time I needed navigational guidance and direction.  It explores the narrative inheritance of humans, ours a root system of stories, in which we were born and raised.  I haven’t read it in awhile but I encourage you to engage with the text.  If you choose to do so, I’d love to hear the connections you make.

I’ll be away with tribe all next week, enjoy the silenceJ.

Rooted Beauty,

A Warrior Princess