China Travel Logs: Arrival

Photo Credit: Iphone 6 camera

Photo Credit: Iphone 6 Camera [ ]

I looked through the portal window out into a vast nothingness; black sky with feathery bits of grey cloud passed by while I watched the reflection of the passenger next to me.  She continues to pick at her cuticles, peeling back the skin meticulously, thinking, I assumed, about her decision to study international business in Shanghai.  I fed of her nerves ping-ponging about us, familiar with the internal scatter the happens inside the brain when one questions one’s own motives and decision making capability, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I should be nervous too.  The last trip of this magnitude was Africa where I traveled with a local staying with her family and got treated as such.  In China, we were going to be full-fledged tourists with only an itinerary, concierge and my nephew’s Mandarin to guide us.  I shut the window decidedly cutting off all other thought streams, remembering my task was a simple one: show up happy and go with the flow.  Continue reading